Friday, May 18, 2007

A Way for Easy Living!

I heard on the news that in Italy a movement has started known as "Slow City Movement." Some Italian people move to small cities "to slow down the pace of life and protect local traditions." One of these small but lovely cities is "Greve" which is called "Calm City." People live easily, happily and calmly in this city without any anxiety. Then I said to myself: "it is a good idea to start such a movement in Iran. After my graduation, I can move to a small city then I would live happily ever after!" Anyway, I think all the world needs this movement to find themselves again in the calmness which has been forgotten.

By: Parisa Mehran
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Let's Know More About "Rudkhan Castle"!

I have received the following information about "Rudkhan Castle" from my sister:
Iran's biggest ancient brick and stone castle. Rudkhan Castle, located 25 km southwest of Fooman city north Iran, is a military complex which had been constructed during the Seljuk Dynasty. The Castle is built on two tips of a mount, with an area of five hectares. Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort. Also a river known as "Rudkhan Castle River" exists on the right side of the castle, which originates from the heights and flows from south to north. Rudkhan Castle occupies an area of about 5 hectares and sits at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of 715 and 670 meters and is fortified by strong fortifications and battlements at a length of 1,550 meters. The castle's 42 towers still stand intact. After crossing a mountainous winding route and passing dense and very beautiful jungles, the first thing that the traveler discovers is the castle's big entrance gate which is grand and huge.

By Parisa Mehran

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Castle at the Heart of the Gilan's Forests!

One of my best friends had a chance to visit "Ghal-e Rudkhan" (Rudkhan Castle) at the heart of the Gilan's forests (north of Iran). Honestly, I had never heard about this place! I decided to search and I just found that this castle was used by "Mirza Kuchak Khan-e Jangali" (an Iranian warrior). After seeing the pictures, I noticed that I need to know more about Iran, about its secrets, and about its beauties! If you have more information about the history of this castle, please share with me.

By Parisa Mehran

Friday, May 11, 2007

Essay: Copyright: To Be or Not to Be

Copyright, literally the right to copy an original creation, is a set of legal rights controlling the use of a production, an idea, or information ( At first glance, it seems that copyright is as worthy as women's rights to struggle for achieving! But in another view, it is limiting to struggle for preventing! Thus, copyright is a coin with tow sides and it has its own pros and cons.

The advantages of copyright can be regarded as economical and social. It is economically beneficial because by reserving the rights of a producer, there would be no black markets, no dealers, and no bankruptcies at the end! In my opinion, the social aspects of copyright are even more valuable. As an explanation, the temptation of plagiarism would be eradicated and the moral values of the society would have a chance to blossom again. Moreover, people can always use the highest quality of goods, products, services, and even thoughts!

Copyright has some disadvantages that frankly can not be denied. For instance, it limits the availability of the products. The users can not easily have the craving for copyright productions. In addition, they must pay more and also they must spend more time asking various kinds of permission.

I think that the scale of copyright's advantages is heavier than its scale of disadvantages. Though copyright's disadvantages limit the users, its advantages value the producer. If the users put themselves in the producers' shoes, they would dedicate copyright with the highest regards to them who have worked, endeavored, and sweated to obtain their own achievements. It should not be forgotten that maybe the user of today will be the producer of tomorrow!!!

In the hope of becoming the producers of tomorrow, the users should cope with copyright to have its advantages in the near future. I believe that being a producer just for one time is enough to convince the user to accept copyright heartily. So, the best way to persuade the copyright's opponents is to make them produce something (even like writing such an essay) to take its advantages by themselves. When they experience copyright in this way, definitely they let it be!

By Parisa Mehran

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Most Poisonous Dust

Researches have shown that the dust on the screen of television and computer is the most poisonous and dangerous one! Researchers believe that the dust on the monitors, because of having chemical materials, can create reproductive disorders and mental diseases which are really dangerous. It is suggested to avoid touching the screens of televisions and computers and clean them everyday with a wet handkerchief especially the monitor of the computer due to being closer to it.
Translated by: Parisa Mehran

Find Your Personality with Your favorite Cheese!

Surveys, by Lora Verlin, have revealed that your favorite cheese can indicate your characteristics! Let's check it out!

Soft and creamy cheese:

Usually, people who like a luxurious life enjoy this kind of cheese. They always look for fancy and expensive things. They enjoy wearing silky clothes including even their pajamas! These people know how to cope with their lives.

Hard cheese:

Eating this kind of cheese, you feel happy as if you are in a forest full of anemones! You are not a shy person. You want to be in new situations and you want to be useful for others. Your friends love you so much because they always have a good time with you. You enjoy passing time, so parties are never hold without you! You are kind, friendly, honest, sympathetic and forgiving.

Semi- soft cheese:

This kind of cheese (like pasteurized cheese) brings us to our childhood. So, people who like it want to go back to the past to rebuild it and maybe this is the world that they always look for. They like their family, relatives and friends and they put a premium on them. They feel happy near their friends, so at least once a week they invite them and have a good night together.

Translated by: Parisa Mehran

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Never Complain! You Are Already in Your Best Place!

Once, there was a poor stone breaker who worked very hard to manage his life. One day, as he was breaking the stones near the road, he said to himself: “ ah, if I had been rich, I could have rested .” An angel was wandering in the sky and heard his wish and said to him: “ I will grant your wish!” Suddenly the poor stone breaker found himself in a magnificent palace with lots of servants. He could have rested as mush as he wanted.

But one day as he was staring at the sun, he sighed and wished to be the sun in order to get rid of all his servants!!! This time, again, the angel granted his wish to make him happy. But when he became the sun, a cloud passed before him and made his brightness dim and dark. He thought: “ I wish I were a cloud because the cloud is stronger than the sun!” This wish also was granted and the wind blew and dispersed the cloud in the sky. “ I wish to be the wind that brings everything with itself,” he said. The angel kindly changed him into the bald and violent wind, but it hit the mountain which was strong against the wind and did not move! As he became the mountain, according to his new wish, he noticed that a person was breaking his foot with the hammer. He said, “ I wish I were a person breaking the strong mountains!!!”

The angel granted his wish for the last time. The poor stone breaker found himself near the road and he never complained again!!!

Translated by: Parisa Mehran